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What is Digital Encryption? ...

What is AES Encryption?
AES  (Advanced Encryption Standard) is a high-level encryption ...

Are calls on my mobile phone secure?
NO! see FAQs ..... 


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Secure Telephone System - LLi/1
The Secure LLi/1 is a secure desktop phone that connects to the public switched telephone networks and securely encrypts your voice call to a second LLi unit thereby ensuring a secure high level encrypted calls (to our secure telephone or Secure GSM phones) over the telephone networks.

This highly secure system offers Top Security level to guard against unauthorised listening if your phone calls or eavesdropping .

LLi/1 Secure Telephone System


Secures your telephone conversation
Strongest and most secure algorithms available today AES 256-bit and Twofish
4096 bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange with SHA256 hash function
Readout-hash based key authentication
256 bit effective key length
Encryption key is destroyed as soon as the call ends
Standard analog PSTN/POTS interface with RJ11/RJ13 plug
Audio port for interfacing the with videoconferencing equipment
Integrated interface for connection to Thuraya or Inmarsat satellite terminals
In clear or encrypted mode, the Secure Telephone is fully compatible with our GSM and PDA Secure phones. We can further adapt used devices.

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